The Malankara Catholic Association (MCA) is the organised form of the fellowship of the majority of the members of the Malankara Catholic Church. The lay apostolate, which is the ultimate aim of MCA traces its origin from Mar Ivanios, Realising that God s mission could not be spread and practised by the priests and nuns alone, the farsighted Most Rev.Mar Ivanios Metropolitan started an organisation called The Malankara Syrian Catholic Congress. This organisation helped the growth of the reunion movement. His grace the Most Rev.Dr.Cyril Mar Bascelios put forward the idea of a Malankara Catholic Association and appointed an adhoc committe in 1996 to make a constitution and to conduct a membership campaign at the parish, district and diocese levels. The constitution was approved in 1999. The MCA activities are spread over four spheres: Spiritual, intellectual, Educational and social.The aims of the malankara catholic Association are to help the believers for a development based on Christian principles and to safeguard and strengthen the interests of the Church and the socity through this development. MCA is engaged in the roll round development of the members of the Malankara Catholic Church. The MCA unit in Doha, recognized by His Beatitude Cyril Mar Bascelios has initiated all the steps for the formation of the Malankara community and establish our church over here as per His advice and Guidance The regular meetings and programs conducted in the unit level help the organization to grow spiritually and intellectually. The growth of the MCA will help in safeguarding the interests of the catholic society to become powerful force.